Counseling offers you a forum for discussion, which may assist you in making decisions about treatments and help you explore all options available. Talk to a counselor about your concerns, and find out how others cope and how normal your reactions are.

Counseling at Women's Hospital International & Fertility Centre

For some patients, counseling is mandatory, for example, those donating or receiving donated gametes or embryos during fertility treatment. For most patients, it is service, which we highly recommend to assist you to understand the range of emotions you and your partner may typically experience.

“It is important not to wait until you are overwhelmed before seeking counseling support.”

It is important not to wait until you are overwhelmed before seeking counseling support. Our team of fertility specialists, nurses and scientists all provide counsel to patients. However our specifically trained fertility counselors can help at any time to:

  • Provide independent, confidential support and someone to talk to about how you or your partner may be feeling;
  • Prepare you for your fertility treatments and discuss the options available when making decisions about changing or stopping treatments;
    • Work on your relationship with your partner to support your treatment;
    • Support you through the emotions involved in trying to achieve a pregnancy;
  • Cope with other people’s pregnancies and births by providing protective (self preservation) strategies for couples when faced with emotional settings;
  • Discuss reactions of families, friends and work colleagues; 
explore some strategies to help you feel more in control;
  • Cope with unsuccessful treatment cycles and/or miscarriage; 
discuss the anxieties of pregnancy and preparation for parenthood;
  • Deal with the specific issues related to donor treatment cycles.

For those patients undergoing donor cycles or surrogacy counseling, a number of counseling sessions are required for all parties involved in prior to commencing any form of treatment.

Women’s Hospital International offers professional counseling services to our patients before and after major procedures are undertaken. Our counselors offer a professional service to people who want to talk about their experiences. Seeing a counselor doesn’t mean that you are weak, mentally ill or not coping well. It is an opportunity to talk to someone in private and to get help with coping with difficult feelings. It can be a positive step at a very difficult time. Please contact us for an appointment with our counselors.

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