Surrogacy Programmes

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. This woman may be the child’s genetic mother (called traditional surrogacy), or she may carry the pregnancy to delivery after having an embryo, to which she has no genetic relationship, transferred to her uterus (called gestational surrogacy).

Our surrogacy program gives you the opportunity to make dreams come true for yourself and for couples and singles, who can’t have their own children.

Surrogacy Programmes at the Women's Hospital International & Fertility Centre

While not biologically related to the baby they carry, Surrogates play the most critical role in the process—carrying and delivering the baby created through eggs donated by the mother or an egg donor and sperm from a sperm donor or father.

For the intended parents you’ll be working with, you provide something that no one else can—a miracle for their family. But, what you can provide for your own family is equally important. Your family will see the amazing contribution you have made to others while receiving a generous compensation package that can change the future for you and your loved one.

Our program strongly believes in supporting surrogates during each step of the process. Our exceptional team of accomplished professionals will guide you through the entire journey while providing constant, personal support for you and your intended parents. When you contact us, our first goal is to provide you with information about our surrogacy programs and to understand your expectations of the surrogacy process. We will thoughtfully match you with intended parents who desire the same experiences you do.

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