Kabwe woman, 60 years old delivers twins

A 60-YEAR-OLD woman of Kabwe’s Makululu Compound has delivered twins after enduring 30 years of a childless marriage.

Sharon Tembo, a retired accountant, delivered twin girls at the Lusaka IVF and Fertility Clinic in Woodlands on Saturday afternoon.

The new mother told #Kalemba that she has been married to Peter Tembo, a retired environmental health specialist, for over 30 years and had no children.

“We were trying but we failed,” an elated Sharon said. “We went everywhere; we went to UTH and other places but things did not work out. We lost hope of ever having a child.”

She recounted that it was not until she started seeing billboards of Lusaka IVF and Fertility Clinic that sparked her interest in having a child. But because of her advanced age, she remained doubtful.

“But I heard that a certain woman delivered triplets through IVF and I contacted Lusaka IVF and Fertility through email,” Sharon said further. “I inquired from Dr Gilbert if I could have a child at my age through IVF and he said: ‘Yes it is possible, as long as you are physically fit to carry a pregnancy’.”

“I started treatment in August last year. It was successful at first attempt and today I have babies,” said a smiling Sharon. “I am happy. What do you expect? After waiting all this long to have a child! I am happy. This is all I have been looking for for the rest of my life and it has come to pass. I thank God for that.”

And Peter said the birth of his children has strengthened his marriage and the couple will focus their energies on raising the twins.

“Lusaka IVF and Fertility Clinic has done wonders. This is a joyous thing. It cements the relationship, the marriage,” said a visibly delighted Peter. “Our story can be used as a testimony to teach others.”

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